I just want to take the time and thank all of you for showing your love and support of my aesthetic photography and relatable articles I have posted here on We Heart It. I began using We Heart It on December 2014 and during that year I was recovering from an irrelevant break up but luckily this website showed me happiness of it's beautiful imagery and passionate quotes. I was very fond by the art Isaw I have decided to become of that art. Then on the summer of 2015 I began some photos of my own which were grunge styled, they weren't the best photos but was still proud of my work efforts. 3 years later this became an aesthetic blog for me where I can show the We Heart media my bright photography and written articles about life, love, happiness, music, food, etc. If you lovelies want to see more of my photography art follow my Instagram blog:
@aesthetic.chicana ❤