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I really love watching tv series, I get so sucked in and invested in the characters and plot so I thought why not share some of my favourites with you guys. Hope you guys enjoy and if anyone has any article requests let me know!!

Doctor who

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Doctor Who holds a special place in my lil heart because I've been watching it since I was young (and because I'm truly obsessed with David Tennant). I don't know anyone who doesn't like it once they've started watching it so I highly recommend.


riverdale, pop, and vintage image riverdale, cole sprouse, and boy image riverdale, jughead, and Betty image blossom, mood, and riverdale image
This show is just so aesthetically pleasing, I just lovvvve the vibe with the diner and the drive in etc, also the soundtrack is so bomb. I love Veronica, Cheryl & Betty's style a lot aswell. Please don't hate me but I ship Jughead and Veronica so much more than I should bYE.

Black Mirror

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Black mirror is a dark anthology series about the negative effects of technology, each episode is set in a different 'era' or 'universe' most being futuristic. If there was one tv show i could completely forget and rewatch all over again, it would be this one. I still rewatch this series all the time but the first time watching is 100% the best because of the twist at the end of the episodes. Also i was thinking of doing a ranked list of my fav black mirror episodes so if you guys are interested in knowing pls let me know !!

Gossip girl

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If I was a tv series I would be gossip girl. I love everything about it, the style, the characters, the setting etc etc. Plus Sebastian Stan is in it so you really can't go wrong.

The Good Place

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This show is so original I don't even know how the creators came up with the concept but I'm so glad they did. This show is honestly so so funny and the cast is great. It's also really easy to binge watch since there are only two seasons and each episode is 20 mins.

Teen Wolf

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Teen wolf is the first show I ever binged so again it has a special place in my heart ♡ It's also the reason I started to love Dylan O'Brien so it had to be on the list.


babies, black, and boy image skam, william, and noora image boys, liam payne, and niall horan image skam, william, and noora image
Skam is a Norwegian show about teenagers that raises a lot of serious issues such as sexuality, religion and sexual assault. This show just made me so so happy, like idk what it is but it's just such a feel good show and I really recommend watching it. It's really hard to find the episodes outside of Norway though but if you look around on tumblr or twitter there should be some google drive links!

Everything sucks!

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Everything sucks is about teenagers in a town called Boring in 1996. When the AV club destroy the Drama club's chances of performing the play the drama club want the AV club to suffer. The AV club propose making a movie with them, the show is about the making of the movie and the relationships formed between the characters. If you like 90s nostalgia I would really recommend this,and because it was released in 2018 it only has 1 season so its easy to binge watch (I watched it in one night oops)


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by a p h r o d i t e willa fitzgerald and scream image scream, carlson young, and brooke maddox image
If you really don't like gory things I wouldn't watch this but if you don't mind then I would really recommend watching this show. You'll fall in love with the cast and the mystery i really loved it ! The only problem is that they've recast the entire show because of the ratings and it's really sad because of the attachment to each character. It also left the end of the Halloween special unanswered and then completely changed the cast, I'm presuming we're not gonna get any answers but other than that definitely watch Scream.

Skins (UK)

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Skins is an English series with 3 generations of characters, (seasons 1&2 consist of one group of friends etc). Each episode is about a different character in the generation and the challenges they face etc. There are some really sensitive issues raised in this series though, sooo trigger warning before watching. I really do recommend watching this though.

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