"who are you?" inquired rose with a familiar fear in her eyes.

"my name is daniel." he calmly stated.

"daniel, can you explain to me, where i am?" she hesitated.

"you'll soon learn." remarked daniel in confidence. "come with me, you've been hurt."

"hurt? i'm not, i swear it."

"i'll show you." said daniel as he stretched out his hand for hers.

"how can i trust you?" she glared.

"you are suffering from a wound that could result in an infection. clearly you don't remember the explosion. you're not in a state of mind, you are among the stars, far from earth."

rose moved her hand across her chest as her jaw dropped in disbelief.

"i-i don't believe you." she explained as her head grew faint and her skin crawled. her strength grew weak as her knees began to tremble when her fingertips revealed the blood slipping through her chest.

daniel embraced rose as she fell, carrying her away from the shadows.

she was dear to him since the moment he laid eyes on her, but a torment to his soul portraying the power of manipulating time and dimensions, just to be beside an angel.

she belonged to a different world, a world which he made himself present once in every new light gaining the ability to reflect and become one of those he followed deeply in the dark.

his purpose was of mere curiosity about the human mind and personality, that bloomed into an obsession with a particular kind of being.

rose was warm at heart although she was more alone and stranger than most. she simply failed to accomplish dreams such as the dreams that were already known to others.

cole wanted to be a friend to rose, yet he seemed to be chasing after an irrelevant goal while daniel lay in wait. he thought rose deserved a better life, one where she could find her gifts to be more as rewards.

to be continued

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