I was just visiting a friend
And it's about 7pm
When I got home
I walk up the stairs
And go to my room
I collapsed on to my bed
And laid my phone next to me

My phone starts to go off
I look at it
But not wanting to do anything
I pick up the ringing device
Looking at the familiar number
It was my friend’s mother
I answer the phone

And I hear her voice
She speaks in a soft, quiet tone
I try to make out what she is saying through the tears
Then I realize
What she is saying
I lay my head on my face
As tears slowly start to drip down my face

I start to think
Why did this have to happen to her
Why did she have to leave so soon
Just why

I slowly walk down stairs with my head down
And I tell my parents
As a wave of emotion rushes over me
I tell them that I just wanted to see her
Just one last time
And I do

I see her the next day
She looks the same
With her hair dark as night
And her milk chocolate colored eyes
But there is something different about her
Something very noticeable

There is a bandage
And stiches
covering most of her arm
My eyes start to water

I just standing there thinking
About all the trouble we would have gotten in together
About all the hearts we would have broken together
About all the fun we should have had together

I start to cry
And I hug her
Praying to try to get her back
But nothing would happen
My mind went numb
Not knowing what to do

And I start thinking
Why wasn’t I there to talk her out of it
Why wasn’t I there for her when she cried
Why wasn’t I there to notice the changes
Why wasn’t I there when she needed me the most

No matter how much I cried
And prayed
She wasn’t coming back
Not now
And not ever

And I'm not ready…...

For the life without her
For the pain
For everything

Without her by my side

I want to be by her side once again
I want us to get into trouble together
I want us to break hearts together
I want us to have fun together

And that’s when I get an idea

I walk away from the group of people
And I look at the elevator
I walk in and go to the top floor
I make sure that no one else is up there
And I walk
To the

I'm now sitting on the edge
And I'm crying a river
With my hands on my face

I hear the elevator door open
I get scared
And look to see who it was

It was my friend’s parents
They look at me
I look at them
They seemed


They turn around and leave
Because in the end everyone leaves
Even if they say they wont
My friend told me that
She said she wouldn’t leave
And now I'm at her funeral
about to jump

I stand on the edge
Take a deep breath
And I step off the edge