hey babes!

it' been a while since my last article, but in my defense, it was spring break and I was on vacay.

I have a whole list of article ideas so I'm just going down it, taking my time.

I know I've done a similar article to this one before, how I find happiness, but today are some tiny reasons to be happy and to think of when you're having a bad day.

I hope y'all enjoy!


sunsets/ sunrises

seeing the sky with many different colors blending together is so beautiful and satisfying.

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playing with animals

knowing that animals have an unconditional love towards you makes them even more adorable.

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rainbows after rain

incredible. so beautiful.

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listening to a new album

that exciting moment when one of your favorite artists comes out with a new album, and all the songs are amazing.

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hot coffee/ tea

waking up in the morning to a fresh cup of coffee or tea.

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sleeping in

on the weekends, getting more sleep. or even when you don't have school one day or are sick.

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snow storms

where I live it never snows, but when it does I love just sitting by the window and watch it come down.

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driving with the windows down

wind blowing through your hair, a perfect breeze, a wonderful feeling.

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seeing all of the beauty of our planet.

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polaroid pictures

polaroid's help capture a lot of memories in a fun and cute way.

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I hope y'all enjoyed!

I have a lot more to put down but I wanted to do this in several parts.

so part two coming soon!

check out my previous article!

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