So I'm doing the Get To Know Me Challenge created by @TypicalGirl48.

So I skipped the third day so today I do day 5 too. On Day 5 I will tell you : 5 things that make you most happy right now

I hope you'll enjoy !

1. Play Games
I love playing video Games. If it's a shooter or a simulator or a Jump and run, you can dive in another story. It makes me happy and laugh. Sometimes I want to cry and scream because someone killed me but that's OK. It's still calming me down if something dosen't go's how I want it and I just want to think about other things.

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2. Watching Series
I love Series. It will just let me forget everything and I will concentrate on the TV and forget everything around

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3/4.Drinking and hanging out with Friends
It's not about the Alkohol it's more about the people around and the fact that you don't feel ashamed for anything you do.
(at least for the moment , the next morning...)
I laugh a lot and all my shitty feelings just fly away for a couple of hours and the world seems better for this time.
Getting drunk and letting all go makes me happy. I get to know a lot of new people and make new Friends. Also I feel a lot more confident and do a lot crazy shit with the people around me.

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5. Singing
Musik is my passion. If I am sad, happy, angry, just down, or everything in one mix, it helps me I just Rhyme my own lyrics together and make a song out of my feelings or situation. I mix everything together i cover songs and sing my "own" songs. Sometimes I search for quotes on WHI and just make a song out of it. I feel complete and confident when I sing, even thought I only sang one time in font of people (I was Drunk). Normally I lock my door and start playing guitar and singing and just feeling like the real me.

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Thanks for reading <3

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