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Today's article is a little bit different, but not really haha I'm writing my first K-pop related article! I wasn't sure if you guys would be interested in this topic as it is not something that I really show in my account. However, K-pop is part of my everyday life, so I wanted to share that part of me here too!

I tought that a great first article to introduce my interest in K-pop was "My name in K-pop idols" as you guys will get to know some of the idols and groups that I like!

So with that being said, let's just get started!

˗ˏˋ BEL ˎˊ˗

As my name is really short, I will include a female and a male idol for each letter of my name! But if you decide to do this challenge, you can do all male idols, all female idols or both! It us up to you!

B.I // Bomi

Temporarily removed Image by Deshawnda Cooksey
His real name is Kim Han Bin, he is the leader of iKON (YG Entertainment), taking part in the rap and dance line. He is in charge of the production and composition of their songs, as well as creating their choreographies! He made some songs for Winner and Blackpink.
bomi apink image Image by ひのれい lulu
Yoon Bo Mi is the lead vocalist of Apink (A Plan Entertainment). She is one of the most down to earth idols you will find!

Eunhyuk // Eunbin

eunhyuk, kpop, and super junior image black suit, elf, and eunhyuk image
His real name is Lee Hyuk Jae, and he is part of the rap and dance line of Super Junior (SM Entertainment). He has also created some of their choreographies with other members. He is also a DJ, and one of the sweetest guys you will ever know!
clc, eunbin, and kpop image crystal clear, clc, and eunbin image
Kwon Eun Bin is CLC's maknae (CUBE Entertainment). Eventhough CLC debuted in 2015, Eunbin was added later on to the group, in 2016. She is a vocalist and rapper, and also participated in Produce 101 (ranked 35).

Lay // Lisa

lay image lay, exo, and yixing image
His real name is Zhāng Yì Xìng (he's chinese) and he is part of EXO (SM Entertainment). To be quite honest, I don't really like EXO's music, but I do support some of their members, such as Lay. He is part of the vocal and dance line of EXO, but he is currently focusing on his acting carreer in China, as well as his solo music carreer there.
blackpink, lisa, and kpop image blackpink, lisa, and kpop image
Lalisa Manoban is part of Blackpink (YG Entertainment), and she is thai! She is a rapper and the main dancer. I'm not a Blink, but I do think that Lisa is a really really good dancer, so I wanted to include her on the list!

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