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How's it going today? Are you having a good time? Well, I really hope so!

As some of you probably know, yesterday was the International Day of Happiness, a worldwide reminder of how important and essential happiness is in our lives.

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As a member of #TheSmileProject [ created by the lovely Kaylee, @writerforlife ] I couldn't not celebrate this beautiful initiative with you beautiful souls of the WHI Community!

So what I'm going to do in this Article is sharing with you some very useful tips to overcome what hinders you to be happy, reaching the joy we all deserve. But to do this, I want to make something a little different from usual: in fact it won't be me to give you these tips, but it will be... you guys! Yes, you understood correctly: I'm going to collect some of the best Articles written by you Hearters on the topic happiness, all of them in an only Article!

This way it will be a real mutual exchange among us Hearter! I'm pretty excited to start, so let's not waste more time!

➺ Happiness is... Enjoing the little things

➺ Happiness is... Love

➺ Happiness is... Smiling

➺ Happiness is... Being positive

➺ Happiness is... Feeling beautiful

➺ Happiness is... Laughing

➺ Happiness is... Feeling confident

➺ Happiness is... Starting your day out right

➺ Happiness is... Taking care of yourself

➺ Happiness is... Getting inspired

➺ Happiness is... Good habits

➺ Happiness is... Staying motivated

➺ Happiness is... Being honest

Okay guys, that's all for today! If you arrived here, thank you for reading my Article! Hope it was of any help and inspiration! ❤️

Make every moment count and enjoy even the littlest thing, but be happy! ❣️
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