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I am so so so busy these days and I hate it. However, I found some time in my schedule to write another article for you, and today it's going to be something easy: A challenge called What's in my bag!

I was tagged by my friend Pyurie:

I'm so sorry, but I don't know who created this challenge. If the creator is reading this article, message me so I can give you credit ♥

Let's see how many unnecessary things I got in my bag almost every day:

☆ P u r s e

Where would I be without money?

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☆ T i s s u e s

I literally can't go out without tissues. I use they so often. They are good for many things.

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☆ H e a d p h o n e s

Even if I don't use them everytime I go out, I feel very uncomfortable without them.

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☆ L i p s a l v e / L i p g l o s s

My lips are dry very often, so I need something to hydrate them.

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☆ B o t t l e - o f - w a t e r

Not only my lips needs to stay hydrated.

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☆ S n a c k

I never know for how long I'm going to stay out, so I always bring a small snack with me, usually fruit or biscuits.

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☆ C h e w i n g - g u m s

Mostly for good smelling breath, but also to keep my body somehow active.

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☆ H a i r b r u s h

I don't care about my look that much, but my hair get messy so easily and I just hate it.

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☆ D e o d o r a n t & p a r f u m e

I like to smell good. That's it.

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☆ C u t l e r y

Okay, this might sound weird, but it's actually a really good life hack. You never know when you buy a yogurt (and eating it with a bottle cap sucks, trust me, I tried it) or some other kind of food which is bad to eat with hands.

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☆ C h a r g e r

Just to be sure I never go out of battery.

battery, light, and neon image

☆ N a i l - f i l e

There's no worse feeling than having a broken nail without ability to do something with it.

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☆ H a n d - m i r r o r

Because looking at yourself in your locked phone screen sucks.

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☆ R u b b e r - b a n d s

Thousands of them.

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☆ N o t e b o o k

To not forget all the important events. And to note all the crap that comes to my mind.

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☆ P e n

To have something to write all the mentioned crap.

writing image

☆ M a s c a r a & p o w d e r

In case I want to fix something on my face.

makeup, beauty, and style image beauty, love, and because image

☆ H a n d - c r e a m

My hands are dry very often, especially in winter. But I mostly use it because it just smells so good.

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Honorable mention:

☆ P h o n e

I'd love to include phone into 'what's in my bag', but the truth is that I have it in my hands all the time and not exactly in a bag. Hahaha

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Thank you so much for reading, hearting and reacting ♥


i m p e r f e c t i o n
i m p e r f e c t i o n

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