Here are a few tips for a fresh Spring start!

1. Start with your room

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Open a window for some fresh air and start by cleaning everything that you don't need/use from your closet and drawers. Check under your bed for any water bottles or clothes that could be under there. Wash your sheets and vacuum your room. Your room will feel so fresh after this!

2.If you have a desk, organize it!

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Once you get done with your room head on over to your desk. If you have papers laying everywhere put them into folders or binders. Clean your keyboard/computer/lamp with a duster.


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Now I know cleaning the bathroom isn't fun, but you will feel so much better when it is all clean(: Wipe down the counters and sweep the floor. Clean the toilet and bathtub. Then organize all of your skincare products, you can put them in a drawer. Same with hair products or hot tools, organize them in a drawer.


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Add some plants or bright flowers to your room, living room, kitchen, desk or anywhere! Go to target and you will find cute spring decorations!