Functional Safety and Hazard Analysis Training by .Functional Safety and Hazard Analysis covers overall safety and hazard analysis depending on a system or equipment operating correctly in response to its inputs. Learn ow to address Functional safety and hazards and carry out and the level of performance required of each safety function to meet the expectations and requirements.

Learning Objectives Upon completion of this course, the attendees will:

Understand the scope and general requirements for Functional safety and hazard analysis. Get familiar with IEC 61508, ISO 26262, and CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization): CENELEC – EN 61508-7. List safety and hazard requirements in your product/system lifecycle. Understand how to apply the safety and hazard analysis at a program or project level.Understand the basic requirements for product development.Understand hardware/software/human requirements, test and veriication requirements and documentation requirements.Understand the concepts of FMEDA ( Failure Modes Effects and Diagnostics Analysis) and probabilistic hardware analysis

#Who Should Attend

Project Managers
Product Managers
Control Engineers
Safety Engineers
Risk Analysts
Safety Equipment Development Engineers
Hardware Engineers
Software Engineers
Testing and Verification Engineers

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