Hi all!

I've decided to tell you guys some of my current favourite things.

Favorite Disney Movie

drink, green tea, and japan image asia, japan, and shodo image flowers, water, and pink image mulan, pretty, and badass image

Favorite Novel

aesthetic, architecture, and grunge image quotes, girl power, and girlpower image fashion, gucci, and outfit image hair, blue, and blue hair image
Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown

Favorite Literature Female

magazine, stack, and vogue image elle woods, girls, and legally blonde image fashion, white, and clothes image whitherevolution image
Elle Woods

Favorite Animal

Image by εїз hush εїз dog, cute, and puppy image dog, cute, and puppy image dog, puppy, and animal image

Favorite Place

london, light, and city image christmas, london, and light image london, snow, and telephone image Image by josefa
London, England

Favorite Historical Figure

vintage, mirror, and old image architecture, decor, and gold image bedroom, pink, and princess image beautiful, blue, and elegant image
Marie Antionette

See you all next time!

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