Hi everyone, welcome at a new article from me :) This article is all about to get know me. I hope ya'll like it.


I am a 17 year old girl, living in The Netherlands. I have blue eyes and dark blonde hair with highlights. I love doing make-up and clothing. I'm in college, which I just started this summer. Last year i graduaded from high school. I'm learning for pedagogical employee. I like to read books that are from movies i love. Im kind, calm and love to help others. I can be also very shy, and thats something i hate about myself.

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The Netherlands

I live with my parents and a sister. I also have one dog, Ooooh I love dogs a lotttt!!

My music taste is kinda the same, Some days i love 80's music and some days i want kind of hardstyle music. Most of the times i just listen to r&b and pop music. My favorite artists are; Madison Beer, Camila Cabello, Vinchenzo Tahapary

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Madison Beer
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Camila Cabello
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Vinchenzo Tahapary

I like to travel to places, Like Amsterdam (Yes, im living 2 hours away from there haha) Croatia,, Italy, Paris.

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Random questions

Shuffle your playlist and explain why these are in your playlist

-1. One more shot by Russ
I added this song because i heard it on my favorite youtubers 'My playlist' video and i liked the beats and sound of this song

-2. Sober by Bazzi
This song helped me get thru the time where my favorite boyband annouced they stopped. Claudia Tihan (Instagram girl) were listening to it and i thought thats a good song.

-3. Mine by Bazzi
My love for Bazzi's music came because of Claudia Tihan and i started to follow him. I just liked this song when it was released.

-4. Dead by Madison Beer
I waited so long for new music of her. Have to say that it was definitly worth the wait.

-5. God's plan by Drake
I like Drake's voice but not always his songs but this one i think is different. I like the sentence She said: do you love me? I Tell her: Only partly, i only love my bed and my mom, im sorry

What can't you live without?

I can't live without music and netflix. Music because its something everyone needs in life, I mean i cant do anything without it.
Netflix because its pretty addicting (Ive watched Teen Wolf 5 seasons in 4 weeks...)

  • whats your favorite disney movie?*

I love more than just one disney movie tbh.
My all time favorite is Belle and the beast. I love this story since i was little and ive watched it a lot.
I also love Bolt. Its so cute how that was made and how the owner of this dog is so sweet with her pet.

disney, love, and beauty and the beast image
Belle and the beast
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Okay thats all for now. Hope you liked it to get to know me a little haha. Hope youre having, gonna have a good day, night :)

xoxo Milou