Hello!! Since I'm going overseas soon, I've decided to write an article about traveling, since I haven't done that before. Just like my article on 2017 summary + 2018 resolutions, here are the symbols I'm going to be using in this article:

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Without further ado, let's get started!

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1 L U G G A G E

✎ Use packing pouches. This is something that I'm sure most of us do! Instead of stuffing things into your luggage messily, it's better to instead arrange and sort them into different categories like makeup, tech accessories, toiletries, etc.

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✎ Roll your clothes or fold them vertically in order to save space!

✎ Put your shoes in a plastic bag so that they don't end up dirtying your clothes.

✎ Bring extra plastic bags just in case, they might come in handy.

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✎ Plan and pack according to ' outfits ', not just ' clothes '. Don't throw in a bunch of shirts, sweaters, dresses and assume that the future you will just pick out different outfits to wear during the trip. Start planning what outfits you want to wear everyday so that you aren't bringing clothes that you won't end up wearing or wasting your time deciding what to wear during the trip.

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2 C A R R Y - O N

✔ Obvious things like phone, wallet, passport, plane tickets, charger, laptop, etc!!!

✔ Earphones / headphones. The MOST important thing to bring, I'm sure we can all agree on this.

✔ Journal. Write about your day every night, so that you can look back at your trip in full details. You can also paste things like polaroids and tickets in your journal to make your very own ' travel diary '.

✔ A book. If you don't like reading, this probably isn't for you. But I love curling up with a good book when I'm on a flight.

✔ Have a water bottle with you at all times. Always stay hydrated, especially if the weather is hot! This also means that you can save some money because water will definitely be expensive to purchase.

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✔ Snacks, yummm. What can I say? I get really hungry on trips easily ...

✔ Hand sanitizer, because you don't know when you'll be able to wash your hands or stay hygienic when you're out and about.

✔ Tissues! You need them for so many reasons - to clean something you spilled, to manage a runny nose, to throw away your chewed-up gum, etc.

✔ Chapstick. I hate it when my lips are dry so I always make it a habit to apply some.

✔ Sunglasses is a must, not only to shield your eyes from the sun but also to look stylish at the same time.

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3 T I P S

☆ Traveling is a perfect example of a reminder I constantly share in my articles: Don't just exist, live. If you get the opportunity to travel, be grateful, you're very lucky! So take pictures and capture the beautiful memories all you want, but don't forget to also live in the moment. Do NOT live your own trip through a screen.

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★ If you can buy something at your destination, there's no need to take any with you for the trip. This can help you save more space in your bags and luggage. However, if you do not wish to spend more money on your trip, then feel free to bring whatever you want from home.

☆ Do your research before traveling. Yes, going to a country's tourist attractions and whatnot is fun, but I think it's also important to learn more about their culture. Plan out your itinerary beforehand - what museums and art galleries you want to visit, what festivals and events are held when you're there, what cuisines and restaurants to try out. I promise that your experience there will be even more enriching.

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★ If you know that you're not familiar with the language of the country you're planning to visit, learn how to say some basic words and phrases like ' Hello ', ' Thank you ', ' Have a nice day ', ' Where's the bathroom? ' etc in advance so that you won't have to struggle with communication and asking strangers for directions.

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That's all for now! It's going to be tough to stay active for the next week or so, let's see if I can get good wifi :')

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