Hello everyone. This is my first article and it's about my favorite series. I hope you enjoy it :)

Teen Wolf

- Genres: Teen Drama, Comedy/Drama, Supernatural drama. Action, Romance,
Fantasy and Mystery.
- Seasons: 6

amor, stydia, and gif image gif and teen wolf image gif and stiles stilinski image gif, teen wolf, and lydia martin image
Favorite characters: Stiles and Allison. Ship: Stydia

The Vampire Diaries

- Genres: Teen Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural and Comedy/Drama.
- Seasons: 8

gif, ian somerhalder, and delena image the vampire diaries, ian somerhalder, and paul wesley image the vampire diaries, tvd, and steroline image delena, tvd, and damon salvatore image
Favorite characters: Caroline and Damon Ship: Delena


-Genre: Comedy
-Seasons: 10

eat, we love, and gif image friends, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, and gif image friends, pizza, and quotes image Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and phoebe buffay image
Favorite characters: Rachel and Ross Ship: Roschel

Gossip Girl

-Genres: Teen Drama.
-Seasons: 6

gossip girl, chuck bass, and blair waldorf image gossip girl, chuck bass, and nate archibald image be, gossip, and have image gossip girl, blair, and serena image
Favorite characters: Blair and Nate Ship: Chair

Pretty Little Liars

-Genres: Teen Drama / Intrigue
-Seasons: 7

serie, pll, and aria montgomery image lucy hale, ashley benson, and troian bellisario image gif, pretty little liars, and pll image pretty little liars, emison, and pll image
Favorite characters: Hanna and Spencer Ship: Haleb


-Genres: Teen Drama, Supernatural Drama, Fantasy and Romance.
-Seasons: 3

alec lightwood, shadowhunters, and matthew daddario image shadowhunters, sizzy, and simon image freeform, tumblr, and harry shum image clace, jace herondale, and clary fairchild image
Favorite characters: Izzy and Alec. Ship: Malec

Stranger Things

stranger things image stranger things, netflix, and series image stranger things and eleven image gif, stranger things, and netflix image
Favorite Characters: Eleven and Steve Ship: Mileven

Thank you for reading !