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Fashion Trends of 2018


Image removed fashion, style, and girl image beauty, dress, and fashion image dress, red, and fashion image

2.Off Shoulders

fashion, off shoulder, and jeans image outfit, fashion, and jeans image black and white, girl, and off the shoulder top image fashion, girl, and outfit image

3.Crop Tops

outfits, red and white, and crop tops image crop, outfit, and yellow image Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and style image

4.Trench Coats

outfit and style image fashion, style, and outfit image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

5.Trouser Suits

blonde hair, girl, and hair image fashion, style, and outfit image

6.Loud Logos

girl and style image fashion, outfit, and style image adidas, fashion, and girl image bag, fashion, and girl image


blog, blouse, and clothes image dress, feminine, and model image dress, feminine, and model image fashion and girl image

8.Polka Dots

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fashion and girl image Image removed

9.Waist Belts

fashion, flowers, and girl image fashion, black, and jeans image Temporarily removed belt, black, and girl image

10.Gold Jewelry

accessories, jewelry, and bracelets image Temporarily removed chains, cross, and goals image necklace, stars, and style image


dresses, women, and print dresses image dresses, print dresses, and women image Temporarily removed adidas, casual, and dress image

12.Retro Sunnies

fashion, clothes, and girl image Temporarily removed Mature image Temporarily removed

13.Pastels & Bright Colors

aesthetic, casual, and fashion image style, yellow, and girl image fashion, style, and green image Image removed

14.Puffed Sleeves

blouse, vintage, and Zara image cream, vintage, and off white image

15.Bell Sleeves

Temporarily removed outfit, fashion, and girl image fashion, gypsy, and hair image Temporarily removed

16.Fanny Bags/Bum Bags/Belt Bags/Cross Body Bags

perfection, fashion style, and inspi inspiration image chanel, coffee, and gucci image chanel, bag, and luxury image chanel, bag, and fashion image


vans, red, and sneakers image yellow, vans, and fashion image sneakers, shoes, and clothes image shoes, puma, and red image


black, elie saab, and woman image fashion, coachella, and girl image fashion and style image fashion, blue, and hair image


fashion, outfit, and style image Temporarily removed fashion and floral image Temporarily removed


shoes, chanel, and fashion image boots, kg, and kurt geiger image Temporarily removed fashion, shoes, and jeans image

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