It's only March, but it feels like the last day of August. Pleasant cooling breeze ruffles my hair, and the last rays of the golden sun reflect in tiny drops on my lashes. A little wisp of a moon is hiding behind cirrus veil of pinkish clouds; tweet and spring odours of blossom fill the air with warmth. I want to dissolve in this carefree ambience forever, but the declining sun is slightly hinting me that every single thing in this world is finite.

I want to have enough power to change the vectors of time and shift an event horizon to prolong our friendship. I want to return back to the past and teach myself to appreciate every moment of it...and to straight things out when something went wrong.

The sky palette enriched by sunset rainbow shades. I remember how hard it was to stay indifferent to your contagious heart-whole laughter and cheerful smile felt even in your voice. By the way, emotions never interfered with you to keep your feet firmly on the ground. I have always admired persistence and indomitable courage in your eyes and the way you presented yourself to the world.

The wind is turning colder. The first stars on the sky set me thinking about connections between people. How is it ever possible to find a soulmate amongst millions of individuals in this world?

I don't see the sun anymore.
Where are you, my friend?