I was so boring on this after-exam holiday and think about something interesting I can do. I got an idea about writing an article about outfits by shades of colours, I started with pink. this article ideas originally made by me @atrnj i didn't see this everywhere on WHI ♡ if u guys are interested to make an article like this, sure can ♡ don't forget to tag me! ♡ enjoy lahve!!


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pink flamingo dresses with furs | long sleeves sweater with shorts


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floral peach dress | knitted and peach pink skirt

*there's so many shades of pink like rosewood, bubblegum, strawberry and more! but i could only listed 7/out of all the shades ♡ i hope this will inspire you on your daily outfits and styles! thankyou! sayounara ♡

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