So i've seen a lot of these, and i thought, why not because i don't have pretty much anything to do in this month..

So lets GO !

Day 1 | List 10 things that make you really happy.

1. Family

Being around my family is where i can feel real happiness.

child, mom, and love image fathers, illustration, and like father like son image family, fireplace, and illustrations image 1950s, daughter, and family image

2. Books

What can you say, books are life and knowledge.

book, aesthetic, and pink image book, aesthetic, and tumblr image book, vintage, and aesthetic image Image by serena

3. Animals ( especially my cat )

I have a soft spot for them, and a bond while being around them.

illustration, animal, and art image aesthetic, animals, and illustration image black, dark, and snake image frida kahlo image

4. Friends

A place where you can be free and release your thoughts.

girl, pink, and art image girl, drawing, and pink image artwork, friends, and Halloween image aesthetic, band, and beige image

5. Coldplay

Their own kind of vibe gave me chills.

Chris Martin and coldplay image coldplay and jonny buckland image coldplay and will champion image coldplay and guy berryman image

6. Food With Herbs

The tastes are exotic, herbs for the win.

cream, mushroom, and herb image board, cheese, and Gastronomy image bread, cook, and food image food, fries, and cheese image

7. Kpop

Guys, come on, Kpop motivates you.

jin, v, and rm image exo, idols, and kpop image blackpink, lisa, and rose image joy, red velvet, and wendy image

8. Art

You can scribble anything that resembles your feelings.

art, painting, and aesthetic image Image by Cristina Image by Intricate Syndacate wallpaper, background, and marble image

9. Movies ( good ones )

Good ones are hard to find, they pour emotions into it.

bird, cloud, and elf image brother, iran, and movie image arrietty and studio ghibli image kedi, positive, and Turkish image

10. Nature

I mean, who doesn't love mother nature ?.

forest, nature, and tree image nature, flowers, and mountains image Image by •°Toma°• Collage, high, and pretty image

That's all for today's challenge, see you tommorow !! - Calyptus

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