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1. Taurus-Aries

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Aries will have to insist, the Taurus at first is rather wary. Physical attraction is definitely noticeable in the first months of the relationship! Too bad that the divergences start out of bed because the Taurus does not accept impositions and the Aries, passed the initial enthusiasm, can find the partner too repetitive. Taurus is a strong guy, but if the partner's provocations are too many he will tend to get tired, he will not completely trust and he will tend to break away. It depends on the state of the union, whether it is initial or not. Between the two, usually, who creates more problems is the Aries ...

2. Taurus-Taurus

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Here are two that really believe in the family, they both care a lot about the couple and are also attentive to heritage, financial matters. It is usually a link that goes on well. week after week. Even if some oversights, betrayals happen, they will hardly give up or they will think about it before doing it. is a relationship that does not last a few weeks, compared to the general trend of couples, this lasts longer. If things work from the beginning they will think of the family, the children ...

3. Taurus-Gemini

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Gemini may in the long run be suffocated by the extreme jealousy of the partner, and above all the tendency of Taurus to always be the same as the day before. Gemini also love surprises, Taurus tend to refuse them or at least want to program them. Before starting a bond like this you have to think about it! When the Gemlli get angry they tend to spite and treat others as if they were stupid, a provocation that Taurus does not accept. And it is the latter that has broad shoulders, holds the provocations, but in the long run could also get tired ...

4. Taurus-Cancer

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This is one of the most frequent and lasting couples compatible with the trend of couples today! If they are convinced of their love they could soon form a family, have children ... both want to be comforted, pampered, live together for a long time. In short, the premises are excellent. The two immediately seek a cohabitation or marriage, but do not hurry up, you risk burning the times! In general, when they meet they do not leave easily ... Taurus tends to cluck, Cancer subjugates itself for a while and then rebels ... better to avoid!

5. Taurus-Leo

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There is a strong tension between the two, they are both very stubborn and even rather vain ... a relationship that works only if the Lion yields on some point, in particular on the management of the family or in any case on the planning of the future. The discussions, however, will be frequent also because Taurus is a prudent, conservative; while the lion loves adventure and risk! Keeping this relationship up a long time is a bit difficult, but you can try it, luckily the physical attraction is remarkable ...

6. Taurus-Virgo

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This relationship has no connotations of great passion ... it works well, perhaps because both are very rational and manage to build the future day after day. More than a union of love, it almost seems like a limited company; I protect you, you protect me! There are no big rushes, emotions or a red light movie sensuality. We live everyday life and perhaps this is the secret of the success of this couple. The Virgin can even endure an escapade! The Taurus will often try to leave the house, see people to vent his irony that the partner often does not understand ...

7. Taurus-Libra

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They are in love with the house and beautiful things, if they can live together sooner or later they put on their home, they want to stay in a comfortable environment, they will try to earn more just to get the maximum! Libra is very in love and involves the Taurus in a total way. The beginning is fabulous. If this is a relationship lived outside of other stories it will go on in spite of so many perplexities. The only doubt is that Libra overestimates the patience of the partner. Both are narcissuses and love compliments; you will never have to give way to the routine otherwise boredom will create problems ...

8. Taurus-Scorpio

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Strong physical attraction, but when the night ends the problems begin. Scorpio tends to dominate, the Taurus would like to have the partner under control. Difficult this head to head that generically does not involve neither won nor winners ... depends on the will, how many years are together and the investment that has been made in terms of family. Unfortunately it is easy to argue, Scorpio takes advantage of a bit 'of the goodwill of the partner from time to time invests him with his way of doing exaggeratedly critical. If Taurus leaves home too often, it means something is wrong ...

9. Taurus-Sagittarius

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For them, pleasure is the foundation of the relationship, the taste of a beautiful holiday, an excellent restaurant, living for the day ... this is also a philosophy. Two who enjoy existence for what it gives, without complications! The problem stems from the fact that Sagittarius detests monotonous people and the Taurus, in the end, is rather conservative and repetitive in love, faithful but certainly not explosive or very varied in its manifestations of affection. So, over time, it will be the Sagittarius to distance themselves or to create problems, the betrayals can become an unsurpassable rock ...

10. Taurus-Capricorn

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Two signs of earth always try to build something, even in love. This is why this relationship starts from solid foundations. Taurus, in general, is convinced that a good love story does not work if there are no good conditions, even financial ones; you have to work both, be comfortable with the money otherwise you end up arguing. Capricorn is perfectly in agreement with this vision of life. Between the two will be the Taurus to be more passionate, sensual, over time will get tired of the vision a bit 'too cynical of life that has his partner ...

11. Taurus-Aquarius

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Although they are very different in personality and lifestyle, they end up falling madly in love! Taurus needs the creativity of the Aquarius otherwise it becomes sad, the Aquarius needs the Taurus rationality otherwise it gets lost on the street. There is, however, difficulty in carrying out this link because ultimately no one wants to give the other the leadership of the other. Independence and elusive 'aquarian' become, for Taurus, a source of anxiety. All you need to do is find a point of agreement! Often they are friends or lovers for many years, they have so much fun together, the smile is the right weapon but attention to jealousies that can cause damage.


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Tenderness always works and both are very sweet, available, in love. Sannoche what it means to sacrifice for love and also that the couple needs daily care ... Taurus is more faithful than the born Pisces, but when they fall in love there are no uncomfortable thirds to keep; Taurus is very busy with work, from economic issues, the partner definitely has his head in the clouds. They often decide to form a family just because they have points of view in common, loyalty, passion ... even in sex they succeed well!