Hello loves, this is day 1 of the '30 Days Writing Challenge'. Here are 10 things that make me really happy:

Singing In The Car

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Recommended playlist for a lit karaoke session: the entire MADE album by the kings, BIGBANG.

Late Night Conversations

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3am version of people are honestly so charming.


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Need I say more?

Baked Goodies

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Donuts = Happiness, it's truly that simple.

Seeing People I Love Happy And Thriving At Life

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Seeing people I love healthy, picking themselves back up, going on adventures, taking risks, finding the love of their life, eating good food is a blessing on its own.

Cheesy Romantic Kdramas

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I live for the typical 'hot and rich korean cutie falls in love with countryside babe' plot. @ life, where is my plot twist?????

Good Makeup Days, Good Hair Days

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"You look the way you feel"

Reading A Book In One Sitting

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This literally screams happiness.


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Warm, fuzzy, tight hugs.

Sleeping In On A Rainy Day

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"Happiness looks gorgeous on you"