“There's more to life than being alive.”

Pink + White

sky, sunset, and summer image beach, summer, and ocean image
By Frank Ocean
— Gave you tools just to stay alive
And make it out when the sun is ruined

Let You Go

Image by Mirunna beach, feet, and sand image
By River Tiber
— I only want you when I let you go
It turns to water when I try to hold it

Reality Check

beach, ocean, and travel image pool, summer, and water image
By Noname, Akenya, Eryn Allen Kane
— She dream in techni-color
Live black and white


dress, girl, and dance image aesthetic, aesthetics, and city image
By Bruno Major
— Just because it won't come easily
Doesn't mean we shouldn't try

C U Girl

wine image tropical image
— When you hear this song, feel flattered
It’s about your face

Pink Skies

Image by 鹿ノ子 ocean, sea, and nature image
— Cause I love the way your green eyes mix with that Malibu indigo

Why iii Love The Moon

alternative, amazing, and beauty image beach, summer, and sea image
By Phony Ppl
— Real Love's So Hard To Find
Just When You Think You've Found It
The Illusions In Your Eyes

Teenage Fantasy

beach, couple, and kiss image grunge and night image
By Jora Smith
— Want it when we can't have it
When we got it we don't seem to want it