I'm starting a kind of challenge that you can do, I will call it #meetmyub

Meet my ultimate bias : Noh Taehyun

gif, leader, and jbj image
I would love to take this rose tho

ID card :

- Real Name : Noh Taehyun
- Stage Name : Kid Monster
- Date of Birth : 15/10/1993
- Groups : Hotshot (since 2014), JBJ (since 2017)
- Role : Main Dancer, Main Singer, Rapper, Leader (of JBJ)
- Height : 1m68 (so smol)
- Agency : Ador & Able

3 things I love the most about him :

Kid Monster ? Better Krump Monster

Krump is a hiphop dance style, very agressiv, but it's a bit similar to popping (my dance style). I love the way he dances Krump, it is so impressing to see and his dance moves inspire me a lot. By the way, Kid Monster is his stage name in Monster Woo Fam, the best Krump crew in Korea. That's why he's a dance god also.

his audition in produce101

He's a living meme

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hotshot, noh taehyun, and kid monster image

Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of taehyun's pics on weheartit because he's sooo underrated. Like his groups, please take a look on hotshot's and JBJ's MV, they're talented and they make good songs.

His laugh...

Its soooo funny, I'm in tears when I hear him laughing

Doctor : You have 2 min 39 left to live
Me :


I love a lot about him. I love how he takes care of the other members, as a leader and a dad in JBJ (he's the oldest in this group), as a brother in Hotshot (he's close to Sungwoon, the way they were taking care of each other in PD101 was too cute), and as a friend in PD101, always helping the others in their dance.

He is a fantastic choreographer, he created "Shape of You" and "Jelly" choreos.

For those who've never seen :

He's the one in the front at the beggining (almost all the time tbh because he was center)

I can't even say "that's why he's my ub" because a lot of idols are good at dancing, funny, take care of other, etc. But I don't know, I just love him.

So, everyone I would love to see who's your ub and what is his personality. I encourage you to do this hashtag #meetmyub and present your ub as I did.

Thanks for reading :)