I am here again with another article and today I am going to talk about cool things I did in my teenage life (I am still not an adult haha). So let´s get right into it!

1. visited London

Big Ben and london image Image by sara_kriss
Visit London was my biggest dream and I was there 2 years ago!

2. kissed a stranger

couple and cute image Image removed
I knew that guy for like twenty minutes. But I am not going to see him again probably and yolo, right?

3. drove a car without a driving licence

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This was so much fun I really enjoyed it.

4. was 2634 meters above sea high

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This was the best feeling ever! But the weather wasn´t so good so I am planning to come back there.

5. sailed in a lake

blue, boat, and lake image Image by 𝑬𝒍𝒍𝒆♡
I did this a many years ago. I was so scared to do this but I did it and I am happy!

6. watched stars in the middle of the night

galaxy, stars, and night image stars, sky, and night image
I was camping with my friends so we put our blankets on the ground and stargazed.

7. was on a local (lit) rap concert

Temporarily removed concert, music, and grunge image
The artists were from my country and the concert was in a small club but it was crazyy

8. ran away from the police

Image by Gladys Zumba Temporarily removed
I don´t know if I want to write details haha. It was nothing big, I was with my friends and we hid in a high grass (year seriously)

hope you liked it
see you soon