So hello fellow hearters! This is my first article on We Heart It. Here I would share my Bucket List (many of them are abstract tho!)
Let's get started...

Visit Sydney

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Australia is such a beautiful place. Another reason i would like to visit Australia (specifically Sydney), is to meet a very good friend of mine who lives in Sydney.

Own A Room Of Plush Toys

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Plush toys have been my favourite since childhood. Even today, I feel relaxed & I get a different type of satisfaction when they're around.

Gain Trust/Love Of Maximum People On Earth

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I not only want to gain maximum trust and love, but want to maintain it too.

Own A DSLR/Polaroid

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I love capturing moments thus I love cameras!

Get A Degree In Dancing

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Dancing has been a very important thing in my life so far. I;m pretty good at it but I would I would love to improve it & get a degree in it.

Books, Books, Books!

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I love reading books. These are escape to fantasy! It's actually hard to stop once I start reading a good book

So guys that's it for now. I hope y'all enjoyed it. If I get a good response then I would surely write more & more articles! Feel free to slide a DM & I would try to revert back as soon as possible!

Never Let Small Minds Convince You That Your Dreams Are Too Big!

Have A Good Day! (an Afternoon, an Evening or a Night!)

With Love,
Wanderlussttt <3