What is it? It's a traditional Japanese recipe for flawless skin.

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Preparation at home: Pretty easy! You brew 2-3 cups of rice and use the white coloured boiled water that since today had no usage! While it's still hot, you can add 1 tbsp of honey for extra moisturizing action.

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Usage: Let it reach a room temperature and apply all over your face with a piece of cotton. If it contains honey, it may be sticky, so after 30' rinse it off with mild water. Generally, use it as a hydrating lotion or instead of your night face cream.
Other usage: It's also ideal for hair ends as a hydrating leave-on spray or a night roots-to-ends mask, if you add honey.

Benefits: It hydrates, smoothens and brightens up skin & hair, as it gets rid of any redness on your face.

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Extra beauty tips:

  • Wash your face 1 or 2 times a day.
  • Always remove your makeup as soon as you get home!
  • Avoid using lemon as a homemade recipe against acne. It's acidic and brutally dehydrates your skin!
  • Exfoliate your whole face 2 times a week.
  • Exfoliate problematic areas once a day.

Warning! Exfoliation must be gentle.

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The 1 Minute Rule: As long as you get out of the shower you only have 1 minute to apply your face lotion or cream before the skin gets dehydrated. Hurry!

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PS: I'm not a doctor, I just got informed. You could might as well ask your doctor before applying all of the above.