Hey, cuties!I posted my morning routine not a while ago and you really liked that type of article!So today, I will share with you my night routine!It's kinda basic and boring, I guess, but I hope that you will enjoy it!

❁ Relax Time ❁
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Since I am a college student, I don't have to deal with homework so I spend my afternoon watching anime, shows or playing games!I recently watched an anime called "Snow White with Red Hair" and I highly recommend it.
❁ Tea | Family ❁
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Then most of the times, I drink tea with my mom and we discuss our day.We do this since high school and it really helped me to build a strong relationship with her!
❁ Lunch ❁
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Then I will have some lunch but since I am really lazy and terrible at cooking...my options are cereals or tost.
❁ Free Time ❁
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So after that, I will spend more time on my computer probably playing league of legends and when I am tilted enough with the game, it means it's time for bed!
❁ SkinCare ❁
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I am trying to keep up with my skincare routine but we all have some lazy days, right?!(Pls let me know that I am not the only one)
At the moment all the products I use are from NIVEA.(not sponsored)
▸First, I cleanse my face with the Shine Control Facial Wash Gel.My skin feels so clean and soft after and it has a really light smell.
▸Then, If I am wearing any makeup, I use my MicellAIR Skin Breathe Gel to remove my eye-makeup and to clean my face with it once more to be sure that all my makeup is gone.
▸Lastly I apply my Urban Skin Defence Day Cream to bring back some moisture to my face.
❁ Bed Time ❁
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Time for bed but of course I have to spend around twenty minutes on my phone before that.I will chat with my bf for a while and check all my socials once more and then it's a "Goodnight", I guess!

That's all for my night routine!Feel free to message me or send me a postcard!See ya soon xixixi ❤️



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