some call it invasive thoughts, some call it intruding thoughts. what do i call it? molla.

it’s tiring, i don’t know what it is, just an it. i’m tired, i’m angry, i’m sad, i’m so many feelings. i want to scream, i want to blame someone, i want to cry. but i can’t do that, right? that’ll just make me seem ungrateful.

it’s so complex, life is. just like a labyrinth with no way out, my mind is constantly in a labyrinth that’s called what if’s and self-hate. my dreams are all in my head. too scared of being judged, i suffocate my dreams in my mind. it’s like i live in two worlds, one where i’m sure of my future and my dreams, and one where i’m stuck in a shell called pride.

they say we have it easier now, with technology and all. then how do you explain my sadness? or is it just mere ‘ungratefulness’?