You might have had someone in your life who must have said "its your destiny" when something goes wrong or right. but.. did you know that you destiny is fully controlled by your decisions? Its all in our mind. The control.

The power of our mind over us is incredible. The effect of each thought it has on us is even more incredible.

This article is inspired by carrie Green

Suppose there is a person on stage and asks for a volunteer from the audience... would you have volunteered?

Why didn't you volunteer?

There must have been millions of thoughts that passed your mind the moment the person asked for a volunteer...
The Top reasons would be due to fear...obstacle... lack of motivation...

Fear... you must have thought "ooh what is this person going to make me do?" the fear of not knowing what is going to happen stopped you. And this fear was created in your mind. your mind came up with it and you did according to that.

Obstacle.. you might have been at the very back or there must have been lots of tables in front of you and someone else just had to do it for you.

lack of motivation.. you didn't even think of volunteering. thinking maybe it would be awkward.. you just didn't feel like it...

whereas for people who would actually volunteer... their thoughts would be entirely different.. they would have thought "oh i wonder what is going to happen" " i am so excited" "i want to be the one" and so on..

Your actions will be based on the thoughts your mind create.

It isn't easy to control your mind. there will be zillions of thoughts negative and positive that cross our mind when given a situation.

Mostly negatives, our brain defends us from any harm happening to us.. so when in a situation it goes for all the possibilities of anything could go wrong.

It is just how our brain is.. it is trying to protect us from every danger.

Have you ever wondered why suppose in the middle of the night we see a shadow and immediately thinks of ghosts or someone trying to break into the house.. we go for all the dangerous possibilities well infarct it would have been the shadow of a tree or clothes bundled up together.
but when we see the shadow of an actual person we never think of whether it is a tree or clothes bundles together..

or similar when we see a rope just there on the floor. we immediately think whether it is a snake. but when we see a snake we never think of it as a rope even for a millisecond.

Its just all in our head...

I have a friend who started law college... she wakes up everyday goes to college without missing a day.. has friends... study's going well... months pass by...everything goes as usual..

but one day she was just sitting in her room thinking of all that she has.. friends.. one of the best college... everything... but she felt miserable.

absolutely miserable and lonely. She just couldn't understand why...

The always optimistic happy cheery girl just became complete opposite. there was not even a single positive thought.
The only thoughts were self doubts and self damaging

her studies are going well.. has great friends... there doesn't seem to be anything wrong but she just feels lonely and miserable and completely off track.

she went back home for 2 months... couldn't get rid of the negative sad feelings.. came back to college it became worse because all your problems is right there.. how much ever you push it aside.. it is still there...

and l she came across this book which had the words alone the lines " you enter a room filled with your family and friends.. all your loved ones are there... and you see a box. and you are inside that box ... it is your funeral..
what do you want your friends and family to say about you..?
what kind of person you are.. what you have achieved...
what do you want your loved ones to say about you?"

She and I had no idea. what do you want them to say about you?

We both agreed that we want to be successful just like every other person in this world.


What kind of person do we want to be?
What do we want to achieve...
what do we want to wake up every day and have a smile on our face because we are going to do something we would love to do every single day.

She liked having her own business having everything in control and having a global success. which was not something she was doing right now.

she felt lost, lonely and miserable because she was never on track.

when she figured out what she wants to do.. then also the thoughts wouldn't stop.
" what if i couldn't do it... what if this is not what i want.. what if this is all a mistake.. what if i fail... what if ..what if.. what if.."

its all in the head and full of negatives and it so very self damaging.

" your happiness.. your success.. your destiny... entirely depends on what you choose."

you could let those thoughts control you or you could say "SHUT UP" to those negative thoughts and put in all your force to put positive thoughts that are empowering you"

Have a goal and program your subconscious mind.
vividly picture what you want to achieve.. see it happen "

knowing what I want to achieve has totally change my life. I became more confident in my self... lesser doubts...

Just like the girl i told earlier about even I didn't have any idea how i was going to achieve what i wanted but i was so convinced that i could do it.

and it did happen.

so then i thought "what more goals can i achieve.. "

so i made even more goals...
first being finishing up the course i took.

visiting the Buckingham palace... and even more crazy goals...

and i realized..

if i could get my mind to be certain that i could make something happen then somehow i would figure out a way.

if there is something i so adamantly want. then somehow there will be a way. the quote "IF THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS WAY" couldn't be more true.

the moment you set your mind into something that you want then you would somehow open up ways to reach where you want.

success, happiness isn't accidents... you have to put your effort into it to let that happen.

nobody can do it for you.. figuring out yourself and working for it is the only possible way.

you actions will be according to your thoughts, so fill them with positive thoughts.