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I was tagged by my good friend Bel to join this beautiful and spring-like challenge. You can find her article and WHI account here.

( bel )
( bel )

I made an article surrounding this challenge before. You can find it here.

Now, lets get started!

↠ P A U LI E N

1 | peony

flowers, pink, and bouquet image flowers and peonies image
the paeoniaceae family

2 | anemone

flowers, pink, and nature image anemone, flowers, and nature image
the windflower

3 | ursinia

Temporarily removed flowers and yellow image
the daisy family

4 | lavander

flowers, paris, and purpul image Temporarily removed
the lavandula

5 | ixora

flowers and ixora image alternative, flowers, and indie image
the west indian jasmine

6 | eustoma

flowers, eustoma, and ranunculus image beauty, blue, and flower image
the lisianthus

7 | narcissus

narcissus and برتقالي image flower, narcissus, and nature image
the paper whites

♥ | tagging other hearters

♥ | the end

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