Hello, beauties! I hope you are all having a great day. For today’s article, I decided to do the “What’s in my bag” tag - I was tagged by Kara (@daytime_dreamin) so check out her article!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

My Phone - I really cannot survive without this, so it’s always right at my fingertips for whenever I need it. Most of the time, I just use it to communicate with people (like a phone is used for lol), but in times of boredom or lack of knowledge, it’s a good source.

Phone Charger - I guess this is pretty obvious why this should be included. I use my phone a lot, and it actually drains battery easily (even when it’s not in use), so it’s good to have around. I don’t carry a portable charger around that much though, because I do try to keep my phone-screen-time to a minimum.

Earbuds - If you are as socially awkward as me, this is a life saver. Whether it be in the car or just shopping around at the mall, I will always have my earbuds in, because music always makes things better!

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Kind of ironic since I don’t have an Apple phone, but whatever

Wallet - I actually do not know why I even carry this around that much because I never like spending money, and I have no IDs or credit cards to keep track of, so I guess this is more of an emergency thing.

Chapstick - My lips get dry reaaaaally easily, so I like to have chapstick around. For me, I don’t really like lipgloss or any kind of ‘cosmetic’ product, so I don’t really have anything that will give color to my face (does that make sense lol).

Water Bottles - Okay, so this seems really weird, but I actually hate those waterbottles where you have to poor water into it, like idk it feels weird, and a bit of waste of time. I honestly only like the plastic bottle thing it comes in lol. And yeah, staying hydrated is important, so I always have a water bottle with me.

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Personal Hygene Products - This is pretty self explanatory, and is grouped like this because I don’t think you guys need to know EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. But yeah, it’s always important to have these things with you, just in case you start to smell bad or something.

Stationary - You guys would be surprised at how much stationary junk I have in my bag. I always have like 4 different colored pens in there, as well as some scrap paper (just in case you have to write something down) and birthday cards (in case I forget, ya know?).

Book - To go back to the boredom concept, having a book with you will definetly help time pass. Maybe you know this, maybe you don’t, but I am always reading, so it’s no surprise I will have a little book in my bag.

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Hair Ties - I am positive that if you rummage through my bag, you will find hundreds of black hair ties. My hair is always in a ponytail, so they snap easily and I lose the from my wrist if I ever just let my hair down, so it’s just a precaution lol.

Snacks - Yeah, I am sure you will find a lot of food in my bag. I haven’t really been eating when I travel out as much, but if I’m somewhere I can’t get food and I’m starving, it’s good to pop in a piece of gum or eat a cracker.

Fidget Toys - A lot of the time when I get stressed or anxious, I’ll just reach into my bag and play with these, because they actually help calm me down. There is this squishy ball thing, a fidget spinner (that I don't use that often lol), and a stuffed animal keychain (it’s a chick, in case you were wondering).

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That is the end of today’s article! I hope you liked it, and I’ll see you in my next!

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euphoria ☾

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