Hey guys! Here's an article I wrote about fashion and what to wear on different occasions. Hope you like it!


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I loooove matching sets! Also, I live in Australia so it's quite hot at night, so I like shorter clothes. Old shirts are great too, as I usually wear these.

Casual hot days

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On hot days when I'm just hanging around the house or going out to town, I'll either wear a skirt/shorts and a shirt or jacket, or a dress/jumpsuit because they are really comfy and stylish, and don't take too long to put together.

Casual colder days

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For cooler days when it's autumn or winter I'd wear either a turtleneck sweater with some jeans because that'd be quite cozy, or if you wanted to go out and go in something a bit fancier, you could wear a dress with tights and a cardigan.

Fancy/formal outfit

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For a formal outfit I'd go for a dress. Backless dresses are really cute, but if you don't feel comfortable wearing one then you can wear a similar style but with mii straps. It can be short or long, and patterned or not.

School/work outfits

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For school or work I'd wear a preppy outfit with some kind of sweater with the collar showing on top with a skirt. Another outfit I'd totally wear is something with a blazer because, blazers make anything look professional!


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Shoes are a very important part of an outfit, as they tie it together. For a more casual outfit, converse or doc martens are the way to go. For a formal occasion, I'd wear heels or maybe ballet flats. For bed time, obviously, I'd wear bed socks.

I hope you liked my article for today! I'm pretty obsessed with fashion so I felt like doing a fashion- inspired article!