Hi friendsss! 💓
In today's article I am going to describe how a typical day in my life is, nothing that special, but every day is a chance to change your life and this is how I spend mines 🍪

I usually wake up at 8 in the morning and the first thing I do is boil the water for my tea.

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In the meantime while I wait for my tea, I go to the bathroom and I re-fresh my face with a quick exfoliation and moisturizing cream.

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After that I have my breakfast and than I do my makeup very quickly and I prepare my bag for the day.

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When I'm ready I go out, to the train station to get my train to go to university (it is in a city near mine). It's quite stressful travelling everyday and coming back but I have to do it, for my future... for me. My way to never get bored is taking a book with me, it's always a great way to spend time.

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After a few hours of lessons I walk back to the train station and I come back to my hometown, where my boyfriend is there waiting for me.

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Me and my boyfriend usually have lunch at his house or sometimes at McDonalds or at Sushi restaurant and then have some relaxing time watching a movie (and falling asleep most of the times).

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In the middle of the afternoon he usually goes to work and takes me back home, where I spend the rest of my time untill dinner, studying and drinking green tea.

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As good italian I have dinner with my family (mamma and papà) all together and then help my mum doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.

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My boyfriend stops working late but when he finishes goes home, has dinner and a shower and then he picks me up. We go to the centre of the city to meet our friends and spend the last hours of our day in this way.

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I'm happy with how my life is going right now! ✨

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Hope you liked it! ☕️
Kisses for you babies
Fede 👋