this just little song or poetry for my loved grandmother
i walk in and open the Door
I still remember everything
Since I was four
Next to me there is a photo album
Holding some pictures .. a lot of members
I see people that I don't know
Laughing..smiling from years ago
There was little girl in the picture laughing too
Holding a little rose and give it to beautiful lady that was u
And I know cus i was young
u was there for so long
You told me once that u love flowers
I know u do
So I picked the world and offer it to u
You Looked at me with very big smile
u hold my hand and hug for a while
You said " I love you bo "
I said " I love you too"
I can go back to when I was two
I left my mama hand and walked my first step to you
I saw u screaming "that's my little bo"
And I want u to know that you mean everything for me you've always do
The first name i called was you and that's clear
I didn't need anybody else when u was near
And thank you grandma for always being here
U was always there no matter where
For every missing tooth
Every bed time story
For every laugh and cry
Day or night
For every time u said " baby don't worry "
For every birthday cake and song
When everyone was sing and celebrating
I saw u looking at me and make me feel strong
I can realize from the laugh in your eyes
That this day mean a lot to u
Cus iam a Angel that came to help u
You knew that I love u .. I will always do
Days go by and iam little old
I still remember the taste of the chocolate
That you prepare for me when it's cold
And when the weather is good we play on the backyard and that little swing
We'd be smiling.. we would sing
you teach me a lot of things
I was young and i can count to ten
You was so proud of me backthen
I've got my good marks on school
And you showed me how to be cool
You was the only one I run to when iam sad or cry
The only one that i feel safe with every night
The only one who gived me the best kisses and hugs
The one who showed the motherhood
The one who loved me like no one's would
And u said " I love you honey "
I said "I love you too "
But it's been so long now grandma
And it's not that good
Because the roses aren't this pretty
And my heart feel so cold
Everything is just so gray
I miss your hand on mine
I miss your little prays
Even miss your little smile
Everything about u is worth a while

But things happened all the time
Without a reason without rhythm
So grandma I just wanna thank u for all the things that u help me do
For all the truths that you made me see
For all the love you gived to me
all the joy you bring to my life and the wrong that you made it right
You were like my mother
You were my bestfriend
All the good inside of me
And all the things that I wanna be
You were everything I ever need
But I know mamy you are still always here
No matter where you are far or near
You was an angel and I love you
and u still my biggest fan
Cus you were since back then
And now Iam picking the photo album we've made
it's memories of life that's been loved
I know u told not cry
But momy your little baby still miss you every night
But don't u worry my love
Because heart that it's broke is a heart that's been loved
I wish I could see the world as u did
And I know angels never die
Angels always live
If you hear me now I know u do
I wanna tell u that your little bo love u
thank u grandma i know u love me too

sorry guys i know it's so long but .... thanks for reading and please tell me what u think because your opinion matter for me ... love u