Hi, well first of all I'm not a writer. This article I'm writing about, does not intend to bring you down.
I just want to express what I feel, I want to feel that someone here actually hears me.
Do you know how it feels to be alone despite being surrounded by your family and friends.

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When you lift your head up, you see everyone's life set. They seem so happy with life. It does not mean that I'm not happy for their success or happiness! I am but still it seems fake.

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  • You are the type of person that appears to always be happy, you are the friend that listens and gives advice. You smile and you laugh every time you can without causing anyone pain. Sometimes you don't even bother in telling someone how you feel cause when they ask you just say: "It's all fine", "Everything is good, like always", "Nothing Interesting"
  • You are the type of person that push away everyone around them . You don't feel like talking or seeing anyone. You have problems but you don't want to share them because you know...who cares? You don't want to bother anyone or maybe you don't want to share this kind of thing so you put a big, huge barrier between you and the rest of the world.

But, why am I feeling like this?
So hollow and empty inside...

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You all don't know how much courage I took up to write this article.
Some might argue that I can share my thoughts and ideas with my friends... if ever they were present whenever I needed them.
I try my best to be positive all the time but today I can't do it anymore.
Sadness, sadness keep moving along..
I don't know if someone can understand me, but I hope so. I cry so easily that it pisses me off, I don't wanna be this sensible ,I wanna be strong you know?. Fuck no, I can't control it, I try, I really try to stop this "feelings". I just start to imagine how life would be if I'm not here and honestly it sucks.
It's like you're screaming but no one can hear.

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I'm tired
You let me down. Now I'm shattered on the ground. After many years I now understand why they call it crush.
Because they will literally crush everything that's inside you. The way you think, will be corrupt and full of inevitable sadness and disappointment. The way your heart beats will no longer beat as fast as it normally would. You never get excited about love anymore.

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It's true that I moved on long time ago but I still think of you.. nearly everyday.. I know it's not worth it. We never talked again .
'Do you think of me?'
I just want to be miles and miles away. Away from everyone. I wanna go awaaaaayyyyy.
Everything's so messed up.

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Whenever you feel like all that I described above just close your eyes and forget everything for a while. Slow down and breathe. Rise up stronger than ever

  • Listen to good music to lift up your mood.
  • Stay well surrounded with your family. Let them know how you feel. Let them hear it louder than ever.
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  • Play with your pet. When we’re sad or going through an emotionally difficult time, those pets are there to cheer us up. Pets also make us more conscientious, outgoing, and help us to lead healthier lifestyles.
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  • Be strong I know, It’s hard to slow down and enjoy life when we’re constantly living in the past or worrying about the future. We have to be present if we want to get any joy out of life.
  • Never force relationships. If they do not want to be with you, leave them. Let them go.
  • Pray. Start with being thankful for all your blessings and then pray for those items or people that are heavy on your heart. You will also feel better and more centered after praying. Talk to God. He will hear you out and what's on your heart.

I can bet, that every single person reading this, has felt alone for any of the reasons I mentioned above.

In a way you are not alone in this cycle.. but we are to scared to talk about it. We are scared of people for not understanding us, for being weak or vulnerable, fragile and transparent. That person in your class who sit at your side, the popular girl, the intelligent guy with excellent ,super good grades, your friend, your enemy, the haters, the nice guy or girl, your mom, dad and family..

The problem is that nobody does something about it, it's like a endless cycle in which we learn to hide our feelings. And we keep struggling in life.
So in other words, speak out loud. The load on your heart can be lighter if you let other people help and at the same time you can make someone else's load lighter.
And I know you are strong and I admire you for that... If someone wants to talk I'm here for you. Maybe a thousand miles away but, I'm here for you.
Thank you for reading.
This is the time when you should focus hard on your goals and happiness.. Your future life.

Never give up. Please.

Thank you for all your love and support!
Be positive and keep smiling :) Take care x
Till next time.

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