This smol potato known as qi or min nice to meet yall. im 19 y.o btw- This is my first article, i`m so excited to write and share more with you guys so let`s start this adventure together shall we? ♡♡♡

1. My biggest bias 🌸

LUHAN. This angel of mine and my husband hoho (don`t touch him people imma killing you for sure jkjk) i`m in love this guy even since he`s in exo and untill now i will still support him no matter what because he`s indeed precious and kind to his fans not only with words but also with actions. trust me, there no way you can hate this little deer.

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2. My favorite actor 🌸

He`s my fav actor after all. His acting skill really make me want keep him my pocket and he look cool asf i mean look at this perfection creature he look fine as hell gosh. If you want some suggestion about drama i suggest you to watch "w" but i bet everyone already watched it okay okay-

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3. Fav singer

Taeyeon. y`all should listen to her songs and her angelic voice i`m sure you will fall in love with this queen in any second. she also got that colourful and amazing personality besides her pure beautiful appearance.

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4. Fav colour

it has to be black because who doesn`t love black anyway? maybe just some people- but still black just make me so freaking happy and make me feel better idk how to explain this eventho i`m fine with other colours.

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5. skin care and make-up?

i actually don`t wear any of em. "what the hell you`re so confident asf?" Here let me tell you why, i don`t wear any of those things because i don`t know how and i`m lazy besides super busy for this. That why i ended up don`t wear it. well for me nothing wrong with walk outside with naked face tho that make you look so natural and fresh so be confident !

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6. Anti-social

i may look friendly but i don`t like crowded places because i actually have panic attack and anixety so i`m having a hard time to talk with people eventho i do have friend but i don`t spend much time on hanging out at public like others do because i rather stay at home alone so yeah that`s me.

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7. fashion

i love to wear simple and cozy clothes because it make me feel comfortable all day and confident but i also don`t mind about trying new things!

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{ 🌙 }

i have a lot more things to share but i guess that`s it from now. i`m sorry if there any grammar mistakes that make you cringes- pardon my grammar because i`m not an native english speaker. Anyway thank you and have a nice day beautiful humans fingers heart

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