I couldn't believe that I had actually not paid attention to the way you wrote.

The rich vocabulary and exuberant descriptions of sunsets and starry nights,
How you would swirl your pen over the paper and give life to those words.

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You wrote so ardently that I could barely take my eyes off your words. Let alone my eyes!
My heart wouldn't budge, holding onto those letters like an anchor and I fell into your world.

Each word, each description was a teardrop you couldn't tell anyone about. It pained so much to express yourself that you darkened the paper with ink, letting your tears fall as words onto this lifeless paper.

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When your voice was shaking and that no sound was able to come out of your mouth, you flipped your notebook open and screamed through the paragraphs in silence...
Terror tore you apart at times, and you brought it into that world you were creating, playing with light and shades until you would eventually calm down...

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To the world, it only seemed to be a work of fiction, a wonderful piece of writing with the most exquisite and vast vocabulary. But to those who perceived your pain, they knew, it was your silent scream, your feelings.

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You couldn't face the world to tell them how you felt, so you hid in the details.

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