Heyy !! This is my first serios article on this page but I'm a beginner so don't hate me for speling mistakes.Ok ,so let's get to the point

15.Best mistakes-Ariana Grande ft. Big Sean
This song is cool and at the same time a little bit emotional if u now what i say

14.idafg-Dua Lipa
Although it's for a break up it's prettty feminist because it given u some good power (girls power)

It's a dreamy song in my opinion and even harsley it's so gergerous with short and silver hair

12.Needed me-Rihana
In video Rihana is such a bad ass. U can tell for yourself whant she wants to say
11.Knee soks-Artic Monkeys
This song is too good for this world ,serios i say, i love this so bad

10.My,myself & I -G-Eazy ft.Bebe Rexha
It's me at a party when I am in bad mood.This song is old but it wil always remain in my head

This song drive me insane.I am so obsesed with this song for a while

8.Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer, Tory Lanez - Miss You
Always I lip sing at this song ,cause I feel free when i hear it

7.The Weeknd - Secrets
Xo have a great voice for this tipe a song

6.Ariana Grande - Leave Me Lonely ft. Macy Gray
Ariana Grande has a strong voice and every people who listen her songs knows that

5.G-Eazy- Sober
"Sober" it s a perfect and a true song about when u get drunk and wake up the next morning with a huge headache

4.blackbear - fashion week (it's different remix)
AlwaysI listen this song because this give me interesting ideas about fashion related sketches.Why? I don't even know

Shit! Is beatiful!!

2.Lund- Broken
"Will you end my pain?Will you take my life?Will you bleed me out?Will you hang me out to dry?Will you take my soul in the midnight rain"

1. Alone - Halsey ft. Big Sean, Stefflon Don
Forever in love whith this song .This song i listen every night with a thousands of thoughts
Thanks for reading this article .It was hard to write this songs ,cause i have thousands song which I adore .lOvE u GuYs !