Hello my Sweets!

First of all, I got this article idea from @anit_ka. Go check her account and her article out. :)

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my house

I want an old, vintage-ish look yet stylish and modern. I'm in love with wood and stone; wooden and stone floors, wooden tables, stone walls, etc. It really gives a room a homey and warm look, yet there's an edge to it.

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A goal of mine is to move to another country and live there.

my job

This has always been a really difficult topic for me, since I'm not sure where I see myself in the future.
I know I want to travel and work abroad, but how I'm gonna do that is still a mystery to me.
But maybe something in the event genre, I don't know...

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For quite some time now, I have actually thought about trying out photography and blogging...

my lifestyle

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My life goals are traveling and creating a loving family.

my style

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I like it classy, yet casual.

my personality

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I'm hoping to be way more positive in the future.


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I just want to be happy, that's my biggest goal.

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Thank you so much for reading my article. *heart emoji*

m i l a

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This is something that represents my mood, atm. I just wanna get out of here and create a life somewhere else.