I. Books Or Movies, 📖

book, chanel, and fashion image Victoria's Secret image Image by art_emiiis Marilyn Monroe, black and white, and blonde image

II. Morning Or Night, ☽

city, tumblr, and goals image girl, black, and madison beer image city, tumblr, and luxury image dress and luxury image

III. Winter Or Summer, ❄️

fashion, fur, and style image paris and snow image interior, home, and winter image Image by sündos

IV. Coffee Or Tea, ☕️

aesthetic, coffee, and beige image starbucks, brown, and coffee image fashion and coffee image coffee, sunglasses, and glasses image

V. Wine Or Champagne,
Both but for now, 🍷

wine, drink, and food image drink, glass, and party image champagne, luxury, and moet & chandon image wine, bath, and relax image

VI. Tattoos Or Piercings, Tats

Image by valu Image by valu Image by valu Image by valu

VII. Autumn Or Spring, 🍂

bath, beauty, and models image food, breakfast, and city image autumn and food image Image by caughtinmyownmind

VII. Long Or Short

girl image girl, hair, and summer image girl, hair, and bed image Image by Jen
l o n g

IX. Black Or White

summer and coffee image girl and bed image Image by thousandmilesaway black, faux fur, and girls image fashion, twins, and olsen image Image removed
b o t h

X. Sea or Mountains, 🌊

summer, beach, and ocean image summer, beach, and sea image girl, sea, and ocean image sea, summer, and beach image

XI. Looks Or Personality

Clueless, cher horowitz, and 90s image samantha jones and sex and the city image Breakfast at Tiffany's, audrey hepburn, and books image girl, book, and aesthetic image
b o t h

XII. Boots Or Sneakers, 👟

Fila, black, and shoes image shoes, white, and nike image fashion, shoes, and puma image vans, adidas, and shoes image

XIII. Hardwood Or Carpet

interior, bedroom, and home image Image by edcape2key loft, apartment, and house image bathroom, home, and house image
w o o d

XIV. Leather Or Denim

fashion, style, and outfit image blouse, fashion, and jeans image fashion, jeans, and vintage image fashion and style image
d e n i m

XV. Dark Or White Chocolate

beautiful, vanilla, and carmel image coffee, donuts, and food image Inspiring Image on We Heart It coffee image
d a r k

XVI. Sunrise Or Sunset,

sky, aesthetic, and blue image comfortable image Image by Amjaad | أمجاد aesthetic, blue, and chill image
s u n r i s e