I have accepted the fact that he's madly in love with you
I no longer cross his mind and that is okay
There's a couple things you should know though
Before you promise him a forever

He snores when he sleeps so I hope you're not a light sleeper

He likes to hog the bed and blankets

He instantly falls asleep so don’t expect to have conversations in bed

He doesn't like grilled onions in his hamburgers

He is extremely picky with food and not afraid to spit out something he doesn't like

He has an enormous love for music and his knowledge about it is unbelievable

He has a passion for cars, if you learn a little about them it will make him happy

He likes to spend his entire Sundays at car shows showing off his car, support him

He shops for clothes in a frustrating manner but be patient

He will say cruel things before thinking when he's mad, give him time to calm down

He will be your best friend, support you, protect you and care for you

He has been hurt before so treat him right, give him the love he deserves

Sincerely the girl who's finally letting him go