Hi guys, long time no see.

I actually miss being on my laptop and sharing my thoughts with you guys. No matter how bold or unfiltered those thoughts may be.

Before you ask.

Of course this is going to be another one on feminism but don't worry it's going to be short and sweet.

One of my biggest issues with feminism:

There are women in the West (i.e. USA, Canada, Australia etc) that protest the streets naked, demanding respect. Demanding that men not be lewd towards them or harass them in any way even if they are naked because they should have the freedom to do what ever they like and not be seen as a sexual object for it.


feminists, liberal, and women image
If this is feminism (referring to the image above) then sign me up but if feminism is that crap that Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham and Linda Sarsour scream their lungs about then fuck that shit, you can keep it.

My issue with that is while these women expect not to be harassed even though they are protesting the streets completely naked, there are many women around the world who risk being beheaded or killed just for revealing their ankles.

To my Western feminists,

Think about what I said the next time you even dare to think that you have no rights.

Think about what I said the next time you complain that you shouldn't be seen as a sexual object even though you are advertising every fucking inch of your body.

Be fucking grateful that you live in a country with laws that provide the humane equal treatment of men and women.

If you keep taking your precious freedom for granted you are inviting fascism to stay.

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This is equality not that crap that feminists waste my time with

It feels great to be back guys. Have a good one.