feeling so happy today and in the mood to do something, so here!! things about me!!!

❥ I will stop liking on someone until I know who's he with
❥ I love to cry it feels good
❥ my favourite colour is pink, purple and red. my fav colours could be at least pastels !!
❥ I love something vintage and old-timey styles like shabby chic decors!!
❥ historical art and vintage music are life
TOP FAV MOVIE IS psycho 1960. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with this movie, but I just realize that I've been watching this movie all over again lately.
❥ I love shabby chic home styles {tell ya again}
❥ I love to watch anime especially the old school one > classic anime

❥ I'm obsessed with flowers. my things should be floral and pastels. and when I had enough money, I want to have my own gardens with a victorian lamp post {imagine the beautiful-ness}
❥ I love to smell good! {like who didn't right} my fav scent were floral and something sweet 🎀
favourite food > cake and something sweets!! > seafood and pizza
❥ i just read my old comic today and at the end of the pages i wrote my fav colour which is pink, red and blue . so I've liked the colour blue before LOL
❥ i love everything vintage and classical! it's so pretty and i hope i'll be living in that time! 😭

❥ i love old songs 💖
❥ marilyn monroe, audrey hepburn are my fav actresses 🌹
my dream is to live before the 20th century
❥ i love 1800-1990s 🎀✨ 15th, 16th, 17th too!
❥ i like kind people
my wish are travelling to europe, japan, hongkog and russia!
❥ i wish i have a man like the 80s 🤣💐 mostly all of them are good looking and sweet!
❥ i love disney movies and i hope i can go to disneyland!!
❥ i love carousel
❥ tea time are the best things to do. having a tea time at the garden ith flowers, rabbit.. just like alice in wonderland.
FACT : all my collections is only about the things i love
❥ i was born on May 9th
❥ i love spring and autumn season 🌸🍂
❥ i love classical music


❥ i love you, hearters!! 😘❤

this is enoguh i think, i will do more challenge and question tag soon!!