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"Come forward, Princess. Your husband has arrived."


A man whom she had never encountered in her lifetime, yet they we destined to marry next spring; and there was nothing Ophelia could do about it.

The girl peaked out from behind the stone pillar, topaz eyes swirling with fear under a thick bed of lashes. She never wanted this day to come. But this was for the good of the Miseris household. For centuries, marriage arrangements like these created peace among households. It was not made for love but for the improvement of status as well as receiving other privileges.

Her gaze flicked to her advisor Khan, standing ahead of her on the steps of the palace with a welcoming smile as he watched the carriage roll to a stop below.

The moment a sandal stepped out of the carriage, the earth shifted beneath Ophelia's slippers.

He stood tall and prestigious in his black robes. The sunlight poured down onto him as if he were heaven-sent, revealing an iridescent golden sheen on the fabric—similar to that of the stars at night. His hair was the colour of sand, his skin made of bronze, but his eyes—

She didn't dare to look into them.

Advisor Khan rushed down a couple of steps to bow to the Prince. They exchanged a few brief words before he turned his head and noticed Ophelia still hid behind the pillar.

"Dear Princess there is no need to be shy." The elders skin was withered by years of sun and stress, but that didn't stop the smile creases in his cheeks from disappearing the moment he turned away from the Prince. Gritting his teeth at the girl, seething at her under his breath. "Come and let your husband take a look at you."

Her warm eyes gave him a brief cold hard stare. She hated Khan for always speaking to her as if she were a child.

Despite all her reluctance, Ophelia step forward into the sunlight. She felt the weight of a thousand suns beat down on her skin when his eyes caught the sight of her. She drifted down the stairs with ease; her faded turquoise dress bellowed lightly in the wind as she made her way down to her nameless husband.

And when their gazes met, she felt as if her soul had shattered.

His cynical serpent-like eyes drunk in her appearance with such a look it made her want to scream.

Khan spoke with pride as he gestured between them both. "Your highness, this is Icarus of the Windbreaker household. I trust you will get along very well."


That name stood out as if it were water in the desert; she'd never heard anything like it before.

Icarus took Ophelia's hand in his and grazed his lips on the surface of it. A gesture she was not expecting, but allowed.

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"My bride," he said lowly. "I have great expectations for our future together, and I cannot wait to be your king."

She forced a smile. "And I cannot wait to be your Queen." All she spoke was lies. She would have rather considered to die than give herself away to a man like him. His form towered over her like a dark menacing shadow; haunting her.

The angels had whispered to her the night before, warning Ophelia about Icarus. "Don't be fooled. His ambitions have given him unsound mind. They have crippled him of his sanity and left behind a deceitful god of war."

The angels were never wrong.

"Please," she curled her nimble fingers into his hand. "Walk with me."


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Hey everyone, this is just a little snippet of what I've been working on recently aside from Moon child. I was feeling royalty vibes so hence I started writing this, it still needs some work but hope you enjoyed this little excerpt! Plenty more to come soon!
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