I know how you feel.

I know life is not easy and definitely not perfect. Life is complicated and sometimes you ask yourself why things are like that, what have you done to make things happen in certain way.

If you are feeling lonely i can see you hiding yourself from the persons around you. We all do it but in different ways. Maybe:

  • You are the type of person that appears to always be happy, you are the friend that listens and gives advice. You smile and you laugh. Sometimes you don't even bother in telling someone how you feel cause when they ask you just say: "It's all fine", "Everything is good, like always", "Nothing Interesting"
  • You are the type of loner that push away everyone around them (For their sake or for yours). You don't feel like talking or seeing anyone. You have problems but you don't want to share them because you know...who cares? You don't want to bother anyone or maybe you don't want to share this kind of thing so you put a big barrier between you and the rest of the world
  • You are the weird kid in the class, the one with no friends that sits alone at the end of the classroom, the one that never gets invited to anything. You are the shy kid being bullied every fucking time you breathe.
  • Or maaaaybe, you don't have the family you wish you had.

I could keep with the list but i want you to see the funny thing about this. I can bet, that every single person reading this, has felt alone for any of the reasons i mentioned at least one time in their life.

In a strange way you are not alone, i mean, i have pass for a lot of situations as well as all the persons reading this and let me tell you, THAT should be the perfect prove for me to say: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We are not alone, but we are to scared to talk about it. We are scared of people not understanding us, we are afraid of appearing weak, of being vulnerable, fragile and transparent. We are afraid of speaking about it because it is to painful for us to handle it. I KNOW THAT, but the person sit at your side, the popular girl, the intelligent guy with super duper good grades, your friend, your enemy, the haters, the nice guy or girl, your mom, dad and family...WE ALL KNOW THAT. The problem is that nobody does something about it, it's like a endless cycle in which we learn to hide our feelings and we manage it in the wrong way.

So what i am trying to say is: speak out and really loud. The load in your back can be lighter if you let other people help and at the same time you can make someone else's load lighter. We don't have to be this foolish stereotype of person that don't needs anyone.

We are humans, we need each other. Lets understand why each person is the way it is, why is she so mean, why is he always sad...

You are not alone. And i know you are strong and i admire you for that....but as the cover image says: strong doesn't mean alone.

If someone wants to talk i'm here for you. Maybe a thousand miles away but hey, it's the good thing about technology, now there is no excuse for not talking about this things.

With all my love, Andrea.