We start the week with Mercury conjuncting Venus in the sign of Aries. On the 20th, the Sun also enters the sign of Aries, and this, along with Mars being in exaltation (its best possible position) in Capricorn, a lot of things should really start moving forward, or so you would think.

Mercury stations and turns retrograde for three weeks on the 22nd of the month, which will slow things down, and mixups with communications and transport will be much more prevalent. We also still have Jupiter retrograde, which has many of us reassessing and re-evaluating our values and ethics over the next several months.

On the 23rd, we have Venus squaring Pluto, bringing a lot more intensity with regard to our affections and values. All times Central Standard Time (CST).

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This is a great time for you, people enjoy spending time with and find you attractive and charming. You are also eager to achieve your goals at work at this time and should have the necessary discipline and willpower to do so now. Over the next three weeks, you may be thinking of revamping your image in some way. If you are thinking of a more extreme change to your look, it would probably be best to wait until after the 3rd of May to do so.


This remains a time of rest and recharging your batteries. Early in the week, you may have someone that unknowingly upsets you in regard to philosophy, religion, or your worldview some way. Broadening your horizons is something that is likely to interest you at this time and some may fall for someone from a different country or culture. The next three weeks is likely to have you working on old psychological matters or revisiting a situation that you thought was done and dusted.


Good friends and good connections are what it is all about for you now. Early in the week is a great time for networking with others and over the next three weeks, the chances of catching up with friends you have not seen for a while is increased. This is also a good time to reassess your approach to your dreams and goals. Those that are single may find love via friends or groups they belong to near the end of the week.


Your career and public reputation are very much what is on your mind at this time. This should be a time when you are doing well in the workplace and superiors and customers are likely to be well impressed with you. There is also the possibility over the next three weeks of hearing from or catching up with old work colleagues, bosses and for some the potential to return to a prior profession or workplace. Making time to spend with your partner is important at this time as tensions can easily rise now.


Broadening your horizons and slaking your thirst for adventure remain your top priorities at this time. This preoccupation of yours can have the potential to interfere and cause problems in regards to your health or work at this time though. There is a strong possibility of returning to study over the next month or running into people that you knew via higher education or that live at a distance. If you are travelling over the next three weeks, double check bookings and don’t be surprised if you run into some delays.


You are very likely caught up in finances at this time, particularly if it related to shared funds, inheritances or financial institutions. Over the next three weeks, the possibility of errors occurring in regard to these areas is much stronger, so make sure to double check details where possible. Children or a lover may be the cause of some angst at this time, pushing your buttons and looking for attention.


Your relationships, both business and romantic are likely to be where the bulk of your focus is at this time. Over the next three weeks, the chances of running into an ex partner are increased and interactions with your current partner may be prone to mix-ups and confusions. Family and home may be demanding a lot of your time and attention at the moment as well.


At this time, your focus is strongly on your health, daily routines and/or work. Over the next three weeks, the chances of catching up with those that you used to work with are increased. There is the possibility of returning to a place that you used to work at this time or career field that you were once involved with. You may need to watch your interactions with others, particularly near the end of the week, as you may come across harsher than you realize.


This is likely to be an enjoyable time for you, spending time doing the things you love and connecting with those that you love. There is the possibility over the next three weeks of reconnecting with an old flame. Some will take up a sport or hobby that they were once involved in and or may be looking to put the finishing touches on a creative project. Money may be a bit of a thorn in your side at this time, although you are not opposed to doing what it takes to increase your income at this time.


Your home and family is very much where your attention is focused at this time. The next three weeks are also a time when the possibility of hearing from long lost relatives is increased. There can be a tendency to be a little headstrong at this time, so near the weekend, you may find that you ruffle some feathers of those that you live with or family members.


You are likely to find the tempo of your day to day communications increasing at this time. Unfortunately, over the next three weeks, the likelihood of mix-ups, delays and breakdowns when it comes to transport and technology are increased. This is a great time for reaching out to siblings or cousins that you rarely see and reconnecting with them. As the week draws to a close, try not to let preconditioned ideas or knee jerk reactions get the better of you.


Finances and self-worth are areas that will be taking up the lions share of your attention at this time. The next three weeks are also a time when mix-ups, errors and delays in relation to your finances are likely to be more common. This is a wonderful time to do something that will ultimately have you feeling better about yourself – whether this is ticking a goal off a list, saving money or giving yourself some more self-care.