guitar, grunge, and music image aesthetic, indie, and love image aesthetic, look, and love image aesthetic, indie, and rock image
1. guitar aesthetic: everything about guitars is beautiful to me. i love the first picture especially. it's really pretty and something i would take honestly.
aesthetic, alternative, and anime image vans, alternative, and grunge image yellow, aesthetic, and flowers image aesthetic, music, and vintage image
2. vinyl aesthetic: i am proud to say vinyls are one of my favourite things and no, i'm not following a trend. old things like this have always interested me.
girl, clothes, and fashion image book, girl, and aesthetic image Image removed girl, sky, and sunset image
3. "no face" girls aesthetic: tumblr girls basically.
couple, boy, and tumblr image girl, grunge, and indie image coachella, girl, and festival image
4. couples aesthetic 5. fair/carnival aesthetic 6. pretty girls aesthetic a.k.a. purple sunset aesthetic or blurry girls aesthetic or cochella aesthetic

*hiii! okay so i know this isn't the best but i was very bored and this is only my second article sorry!