I've been craving love and attention lately. Watching chick flicks and I wanted to design what I'd like my wedding to look like. Not only for a insight for the future, but also to see if it changed in the future.

The Date:

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Sometime in the spring.

The Location:

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Somewhere with a beautiful garden and bunch of flowers and roses. A lake or a pond would be preferred aswell

Color Scheme:

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White, red, pink and purple. I'd love the garden area to be a mixture of red, pink and white flowers. The actual wedding would be White, pink and red.

The Dress:

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I've always seemed to love the Sheer, V-neck, A-Line, and Lace kind of dresses.

The Groom:

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Somethine about a man in a tuxedo always makes me swoon.

Groomsmen & Bridesmaids:

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I want goofy pictures for the grooms and bridesmaids. I want posed with pictures showing everyone their true feelings. I want the in the moment captures aswell.

The Ring:

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I've never really likes the huge flashy rings. I find a simple band with a heart is more my taste. Although the 'I Do' ring is unique and pretty, I prefer the other rings.

Hair, Nails and Makeup:

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I either want my hair pinned up or straight with a beautiful sheer veil over it. My makeup will be simple with a pretty red lipstick color. My nails will also be red.

The Bouquet:

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The Ceremony:

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I want an arch with beautiful green leaves and flowers dangling off of it. I want to feel like I'm in a fairtale walking down the aisle.

Entrance Leading Guest:

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I want this to look like a fairytale to another world. I want my guest to feel the same way I did down the aisle

The Reception:

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I want circular tables filled with friends and family I love. I want at the end of the night. People hand write a letter saying their favorite part of the wedding. Whether it was the vows, me and my husband at some point or a fellow guest.


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I'd like to have sometime more like the first one. I want it to be divided in half of how I want my cake vs how he wants his cake. The layers have got to be at least 5-7.

Food and Drinks:

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I want dessert table full of cupcakes, donuts, and fruit for chocolate fondue. Non- alcoholic drinks and alcoholic drinks will be provided. The non will be fruit punch, lemonade, orange juice and water. Food will contain pizza and sliders. It will have toothpicks with a sign saying it has milk.

Photoshoot Area:

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Flowers everywhere.

Couple Photos:

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These are mixed in the moment and posed pictures I want a replica of.


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I'd love to have details like this. Photo challenges professionals and guest can do. Guest projects like the kissing the last name goodbye. It would go great in a memory box labeled wedding.

The Ending:

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I want it to end where my husband and I are some of the last ones their. We could be talking, dancing or eating and I'd be happy. Then I want to go to a fast food place before going home to our pets.

The Honeymoon:

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I want to travel to Europe. Spending a couple of days in certain cities. Another destination will probably somewhere tropical like Hawaii.

And most of all...

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I'm not into tradition wedding things like a man walking you down the aisle. My mom is my everything and I want to show my appreciation of her handing me to my future husband.