I think everything was okay, but today, one of the persons the i love the most came back to the hospital, i am talking about my granny .I don't know how to feel cause she is old and in some point she's going to past away ,i don't want that to happen , ever.
So, i keep telling to myself , everything is going to be okay, maybe the universe is not on my favor, but in some point it will be better for me and my family.
Sometimes i really want to disappear just for a few minutes to think , to know what to feel, to know what to do, cause this is a mess ,but the mess can be fixed,i know that,cause i have 18 years now , but when i was 14 years, life was a mess too, but things find a way to work out and be better. And that will be happen again, i know.
If you feel the same as i , just be positive and have hope.
Hope is the last thing you loose.

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Love you with all my heart,Val.