one. a song with a color in the title

BLUE - troye sivan

grunge, troye sivan, and blue image Temporarily removed troye sivan image babe, blue, and neighborhood image
love it's hard... i want you, i'll color me blue.

two. a song with a name in the title

carolina - harry styles

album, Carolina, and hs image bath, bubble bath, and Carolina image aesthetic, bubble bath, and Carolina image album, Carolina, and kiwi image
i met her once and wrote a song about her.

three. a song that reminds me of summer

vai malandra - anitta

Abusive image aesthetic, sun, and peach image aesthetic, grunge, and peach image major lazer, anitta, and pabllo vittar image
vai malandra, an, an. e, 'tá louca, tu brincando com o bumbum.

four. song that reminds me of someone i miss

mirrors - justin timberlake

Image removed b&w, black and white, and couple image beautiful, beauty, and boy image grunge, love, and indie image
i'm looking right at the other half of me.

five. a song that needs to be played out loud

this is why we can't have nice things - taylor swift

Image removed and, b&w, and black image taylor swift joe alwyn image Image removed
so why'd you have to rain on my parade?

six. a song I want to play at my wedding

perfect - ed sheeran

love, wedding, and couple image hair and hairstyle image ed sheeran image actress, aesthetic, and city image
we are still kids, but we're so in love.

seven. a song that makes me want to fall in love

chasing cars - snow patrol

aesthetic, alternative, and art image Temporarily removed Lyrics, music, and quote image blue, brown, and car image
we don't need anything or anyone.

eight. a song that makes you feel nostalgic

rock me - one direction

Image removed night, beach, and sea image Temporarily removed 2009, feet, and natural light image
under the moonlight as we stared at the sea, the words you whispered i will always believe.

nine. a song that reminds me of my dad

i want break free - queen

Mature image Temporarily removed lgbt and love only image Image removed
it's strange but it's true, i can't get over the way you love me like you do.

ten. a song that reminds me of my mom

i want to write you a song - one direction

book, flowers, and pink image Abusive image aesthetic, art, and angel image flowers, water, and daisy image
i want to write you a song, one that's beautiful as you are sweet.

eleven. a song to drive to

way it goes - hippo campus

forest, indie, and mist image backpack, glasses, and shoes image Image removed JAKe and hippo campus image
zombie kids love to hear that easy.

twelve. favorite song from the 80s

take my breath away - berlin

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed air force, gun, and military image Temporarily removed
watching every motion in my foolish lover's game.

thirteen. a song that i heard in my childhood

o dia em que a terra parou - raul seixas

brazil, rock, and raul seixas image Image removed earth, space, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
essa noite eu tive um sonho de sonhador, maluco que sonho eu sonhei.

fourten. a favorite cover song

wildest dreams - tyler ward and tiffany alvord

Taylor Swift, wildest dreams, and 1989 image 1989, Taylor Swift, and wildest dreams image sunset, bedroom, and room image Temporarily removed
his hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room, and his voice is a familiar sound, nothing lasts forever.

fifteen. a song i like by an artist who is no longer living

under pressure - queen and david bowie

Temporarily removed david bowie, Freddie Mercury, and music image aesthetic, flag, and gay image Queen, Freddie Mercury, and roger taylor image
why - why - why? love, love, love, love, love.

sixteen. favorite instrumental song.

deborah's theme - ennio morricone

america image Abusive image Temporarily removed 1984, movie, and once upon a time image

seventeen. a song that someone else showed me

blossom - milky chance

Temporarily removed pink, wallpaper, and hands image hands, wallpaper, and pink image neon, aesthetic, and couple image
all i need is to see you, blossom out, blossom out, blossom out.

eighteen. a song about drugs or alcohol

the a team - ed sheeran

angel, ed sheeran, and cold image Abusive image money, honey, and dollar image city, winter, and world image
'cos we're just under the upper hand, and go mad for a couple of grams.

nineteen. a song i never get tired of

sparks fly - taylor swift

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Taylor Swift, Lyrics, and quote image Temporarily removed
the way you move is like a full-on rainstorm, and i'm a house of cards.

the end.

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